Frequently asked questions

Moving In

What references do i need?

You will need to provide our reference company with, proof of employment, previous landlord reference if applicable, good credit rating and proof of ID (passport or driving licence AND birth certificate), visa if applicable. If you can't provide the above you may need a guarantor who fits the above criteria or pay rent upfront.

Who is responsible for contacting the utility companies after I move in?

Tenants are responsible for contacting utility companies and setting up your account. Tyne2let in the majority of cases will let you know your energy suppliers prior to move in and will be able to notify these companies for you of your move in date, of course it still remains your responsibility to ensure the accounts are set up.

Do we need to contact the council tax department?

If your property is managed by Tyne2let we will contact the council tax department on your behalf. If your property is managed by the landlord please speak to your landlord, its always best practice if you inform the council tax department as soon as possible.

Will I get a copy of an inventory for the property?

How much do I need to secure a property?

To secure a property with us you will be required to pay 1 weeks deposit credited agaianst your 1 month damage deposit payable before move in or within 2 weeks, whichever is sooner.

Rental Payments

How do I work out a monthly rental payment?

If your a student and need to work out your monthly rent payment please follow the following formula: rent pppw*52 weeks divided by 12.

How do I pay the rent?

Before move in we will be in touch with the bank details for your rental payments, you must set up the standing order and send us proof this has been done before keys are released. Students are able to pay there rent all up front, or termly in line with there loans. The minimum period is monthly.

What happens if my rent is late?

If your aware of any reason why your rent may be late you must speak to us as soon as possible before you are liable for any late payments fees as outlined in your contract.

During your tenancy